David Robinson & Katherine Arnold

Ian was absolutely brilliant when we were sorting out our mortgage for our  home, in which we now reside. To say we have complicated financial arrangements is an understatement, and we had to bid £40,000 above our original offer to secure the property. Whenever I moved the goalposts Ian went out of his way to sort the deal- I think we went through 7 iterations before we finally had the offer accepted  and mortgage deal in place. His level of service is exemplary- he was a regular visitor during that time, with most of the visits being after 7 in the evening, when we had both got back from work. The deal he got us was really good value compared to those being offered by my bank and to top it off he sorted us out with some new life insurance that offered much more cover for a lower premium. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian most highly- he’s a thoroughly nice bloke and very good at his job.