Team Stepping Stones at Mortgage Expo!

This week we took a trip to Manchester to the Mortgage Expo. This was a fantastic opportunity for the team to go and meet new lenders, get to know some Financial insight into the future and to get lots of goodies!

We chatted to lots of lenders and saw what is out there for our clients who have more specialist lending needs. For example, how we can offer our clients bridging facilities and how quickly these can be turned around for customers who need to draw down facilities in a hurry. Also, which lenders are out there offering customers mortgages with varying credit scores. It was also good to catch up with existing lenders who we continue to work closely with to provide our customers with the best possible rates and service.

It really has been a fantastic day out for Team Stepping Stones. The sun was out, the cricket on, and what better way to finish a sunny productive day than in Ian’s favourite Italian San Carlos? Fantastico!