Contrary to popular belief, the question of how to get a mortgage isn’t a complicated one to answer – it simply comes down to circumstances, finances, research and good advice. Of course if the property you’ve set your heart on is realistically out of your means, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll end up with the deeds in your name, but providing you have a steady income, money for a deposit and a target property which is affordable, there’s usually a solution out there for you.

By using a mortgage advisor like me, you’ll have the advantage of bespoke advice and an experienced view – saving you from applying to lenders whose criteria you don’t fulfil. Starting from a face-to-face meeting in the comfort of your own home, I’ll gather all the relevant information needed to help you get a mortgage under the most suitable terms – and take care of everything for you from start to finish.

A simple yet thorough process…

In order to give you the best possible service, I believe in a personal, ‘hands on’ approach and a tried and tested process that has brought consistently good results for my clients. Whether you’re a first time buyer or the time has come to remortgage, this is how I’ll help you to get a mortgage:

  • Face-to-face consultation
  • ‘Fact finding’ session
  • Collation of personal details, debts, employment status etc.
  • Evaluation of property affordability
  • Lender criteria assessment
  • Lender selection
  • Submit application with supporting paperwork
  • Agreement in Principle – you’re ready to buy!
  • Present AIP to the vendor’s estate agent

Mortgage advice – Sheffield and surrounding areas

Offering a completely transparent service and full support, I will submit your application and deal with the lender on your behalf – if everything goes well, you could even have your mortgage offer as quickly as within 10 days!

The face-to-face aspect of my service is very important in order to build a good relationship with, in turn, will return the best results. Therefore, my mortgage advice is limited to clients in Sheffield, Barnsley, Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield and surrounding areas – call me now on 01226 693001 for more information or to book an appointment.