Commercial Lending, Mortgage Offers and Man-Flu…

The first day back in January and our MD Ian is starting with the early symptoms of man flu but we need to get into our active files to get back up to speed after all the recent festivities!

Firstly, a trip to the lovely town of Dronfield for a client appointment to help raise bridging finance to buy a new property quickly.

Lots of activity and a very busy January ahead! We’re delighted to be helping a start-up day nursery to obtain a business loan and also an optician that wants to buy the premises that they are currently renting. We have also been working alongside a company that provides eco-friendly non-standard building materials and now have several clients wanting to build using these materials. To help them to achieve this, we need approval from lenders that they will provide the funding for the developments and the mortgages for the clients that want to buy the properties. Lots of discussions to be had and plenty of work to do here, will provide updates in due course.

We’ve also had a nice complex case today with a client that has converted two properties into one but still has two separate legal titles. Most residential lenders do not like this type of transaction, but this is something we can definitely help with and we are happy to say we have arranged a new mortgage for our client.

While we’re on the subject of mortgages – we’ve had one offer issued today for a 1st time buyer that is buying the property from his parents, who are selling their house at a discounted price and the equity provided is classed as the deposit. If anyone is in a similar position and is looking for advice, please give us a call!

Ian is now clear of the man flu as he’s considering a bacon sandwich this morning. Very tempted…